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Glutathione  Intravenous

Glutathione Intravenous (IV) added to any IV bag. This antioxidant is best delivered through IV therapy, as ingesting glutathione can result in excessive breakdown by the stomach.


Vitamin B12 Intramuscular

Discover the multitude of benefits that Vitamin B12 Intramuscular injections, commonly known as B12 shots, can provide for your body and mind. Considered the “energy vitamin,” B12 plays a vital role in nerve function, metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, red blood cell formation, and DNA synthesis. By receiving B12 shots, you can support healthy weight loss, elevate your energy levels, address nutritional deficiencies, optimize homocysteine levels to reduce stroke risk, and enhance memory. Book for your B12 shot to unlock the positive effects of B12 to enhance your overall well-being and vitality.

Delivered via intramuscular injection.


Vitamin D Intramuscular

Active D3 is essential for various aspects of well-being, including immune function, quality sleep, thyroid health, fertility, and bone health. If you struggle to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D through supplementation, vitamin D shots can be a beneficial solution to maintain optimal levels and support a robust immune system. Before undergoing this treatment, recent blood work indicating low vitamin D levels is necessary. Experience the benefits of vitamin D shots and promote your overall health and vitality.

Delivered via intramuscular injection.

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